School is the worst thing that could happen to a writer

Coming from destitute homelessness, I thought getting a college degree was the best thing I could do. However, 7 years later and $70K in debt, I now dread reading or writing anything. I can only imagine how long it will be before I feel that soul crushing physical compulsion to write again. Writing, these days, is like pulling teeth, and the delicious irony of it all–now is the time when I should be writing the most. I need to be shopping my ability to spin a yarn or describe products or convey ideas. But I spend most of my free time playing retro video games or hiding at the cigar lounge. Don’t get me wrong, both of those things are awesome, and I am so excited to have interests and pastimes that I am not building an identity around. But I am a writer dammit! As much as I love working at the vape shop, it is not sustainable.
Anyway, there is my two cents and two teeth!

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