CAO Brazilia

I have been wanting to write about something other than myself for a while, but for some reason never felt I was enough of an authority on anything, especially cigars and gaming, which are the two things I obsess over. But than again, who needs some smarmy cigar expert? The world is filled with them. And nobody wants to hear the yammerings of a basement dwelling alt-right troll who knows more about some random video games than do the damn programmers. So here is my first shot at a cigar review.

I work for a business owner that also owns a tobacco shop, so I am always digging through their poorly curated humidor for something I can stomach while people-watching on one of the most active street corners in downtown Portland. So the other day when he asked me to pick a box of cigars to bring in, I saw CAO on the distributors list. I have been meaning to try some CAOs, but keep getting squirrled by other more popular cigars. So I pointed him toward a box of CAO Brazilias and went on my way. I had actually forgotten about them, until last week when he sent someone to tell me that “my” cigars had shown up. I eagerly purchased two–one to smoke and one to put in my humidor. However I never smoked them.

The other night one of my boys invited me out to hang out. I was going to bring along the CAO, but we normally spend our time indoors, so, as the only cigar smoker, I often opt to leave the cigars at home. However after an hour or so everybody got restless, so I suggested we go downtown, near the tobacco shop, grab some coffee and cigars and people-watch. When we got to the downtown tobacco shop I couldn’t find a cigar I necessarily wanted, other than the CAO, but felt weird buying one having already purchased two which I hadn’t smoked yet. But I got one anyway, because the selection was looking mighty slim.

When I got outside to light the cigar, my friends had already started a dice game on the corner. I found it rather comical that a bunch of hoodlums were on the street corner, smoking cigars and pitching dice. It was quite a scene, attracting attention from passersby, as well as would-be gamblers. So I lit my cigar and posted up to enjoy the stick and the comedy of errors in front of me.

On the first pull of the CAO Brazilia, I got a strong amount of cocoa, a tiny bit of pepper, and some really pleasant walnut undertones. The wrapper is nice dark chocolate brown, but not quite a maduro. The stick was a 54, wider ring gauge than I am accustomed to, but this did nothing to ruin the cigar. I was audibly impressed with Brazilia and could not stop commenting as to how good it was. All in all, an excellent stick that I will definitely buy again.

Sad to see it go, but glad it was going to a good home, I offered one of my remaining sticks to my cousin for New Years. He hasn’t smoked it yet, but I greatly look forward to his comments when he finally does. I hope you liked my rambling of a cigar review. I plan for them to be much more concise in the future. You can also expect more about gaming and music as this blog progresses. To all my readers. Happy New Year!

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