Top 5 of Death: Christmas Songs

So for a while now I have been listening to a podcast called the Top 5 of Death. The premise is that they have a topic for whomever is present will give their “Top 5” list. Originally they would present their list, and in between episodes the fans would vote who to kill. At the beginning of the following episode the hosts would tell a story how the loser died. As of more recently, at the end of the episode the guys on the show vote someone to “die,” like voting someone off the island in Survivor.

I found the podcast because a good friend of mine, Fro, is on the podcast. Fro is a dude I met in the Boston hardcore scene. I approached him after a set by his old straight edge band Bonus Army. I have a thing for thanking artists and musicians with whom I am impressed. So when he introduced himself as Fro, my west coast sensibility came to the surface and I told him that I wasn’t comfortable calling the only black guy in the room “Fro.” But he wouldn’t budge, and I garnered an immense amount of respect for him. We ran into each other again at a H2O CD Release show at the Middle East. A few months later I started work at the Newbury Comics warehouse and lo and behold, Fro worked there as well. We quickly would spend our lunch breaks hanging out and talking shit. To this day our relationship is one of the most authentic and genuine friendships I have ever had. No inauthenticity revolving solely around shared interests, but more of an honest connection. Anyway, I digress.

So when Fro found me on IG and I discovered he was on a podcast, I started listening immediately. Granted I thought the premise was kind of cliche, but I had a buddy on the show so I listened long enough to fall in love with the podcast. The selling point is the energy between the hosts and individual personalities of each of the them.

So in a desperate attempt to keep current content on this blog, which has no followers, I am going to give my Top 5 list for that weeks episode. I want to say every episode but I also don’t want to jinx myself.

So this week was Top 5 Christmas Songs. Now, in full disclosure,not some sort of pity trip, my father was murdered on Christmas Eve 1994. So it is easy to assume to say that I am not a Christmas guy. It is something I have been annually attempting to face bit with little to no avail. So here is my Top 5 Christmas Songs:

5) “Fuck Christmas” by FEAR

For years, this has been my go-to when Christmas spirit nazis have tried to tell me to get over my anti-Christmas sentiment.

4) “A Lonely Jew on Christmas” by South Park

The sad lonely sentiment of this song mirrors how I often feel when I am bombarded by cultural Christmas decorations amd families having a great time. Not that I am against people celebrating Christmas, I just often feel empty as I am unwillfully penetraded by Christmas everywhere I look or go.

3) “Anti-Christmas” by Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One

The Darkbuster frontman and Street Dogs guitarist, Lenny Lashley, is one of my closest friends, even if we don’t stay in touch as much as I would like. We were practically connected at the hip around the time Lenny was writing this song. Watching his creative process, as well as his grieving process, coupled with his friendship, has made me a better artist and a better man overall.

2) “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” by Tom Waits

This song paints a perfect picture of the world I come from. Jazz, heroin, cold-water flats, and the decreptitude of the urban wasteland that is the heart of every uptown junkie and whore, desperately holding onto what is left of their eroding hearts.

1) “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues.

This has been THE Christmas song for decades. I can’t think of a holiday song that is more fitting. The argument, the name calling, waking up in the drunk tank. The kind of Christmas God himself intended.

*** I am hoping that trying to keep up with their weekly podcast that I will be inspired to write more, as I don’t want my responses to a podcast to bebthe only content on my page. Who knows? We’ll see.

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