It is always so damn late

I always want to write a blog post, but the only time I can ever gather the will to sit and type is way too late at night. I have been debating on whether I am going to to write about the “red pill” phenomenon which seems to have taken me and my more insightful friends like a storm. And then tonight I listened to a storytelling by my good man Bucky Sinister and I just want to shout his praises to the heavens. But I look at the time and I just don’t have any full projects in me at the moment. Maybe I should be writing about my crippling sleep apnea and the hell it has made of my life, especially when coupled with debilitating depression. Tonight I will post about my desire to post and hope that the momentum carries through till morning, when I can sit down and actually do some reading and writing. Maybe this weekend won’t be spent desperately seeking distraction through video games and unrequited love.

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