Daily Reflection 4th January 2017

It is 19 muthaphuckin’ degrees out! One nine–nineteen! That is thirten degrees below zero for those of you who don’t math or science. I keep trying to talk my ex-wife into moving back, just so I can have a buddy. But that will never happen at this rate. She hates the cold. Which is laughable seeming she lives in New England.

I was all excited to hit the gym for the first time today, but the chill is in my bones and I am in a butt load of pain.After getting very little sleep (to illustrate, I am typing this on my phone on the train and I keep passing out with my eyes open and dropping my phone as quickly as blinking), not enough to eat, and in pain and it 19 degrees, I am in no position to go to to the gym. So my first day at the gym was for not.

Maybe tomorrow.

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