Getting ready for the big push

I am not sure if I have mentioned my dear friend Dave before. This is man that I look up to a great deal and feel a great amount of honor that I can call him my friend. A few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Through his treatment and a few years of tests before he was declared in remission, he started a daily meditation, much like one would find in say a 12 step meeting. You can always find these little books in the self-help section of your bookstore. They a little bit bigger than a pack of cigarettes and just as useful, yet these things sell like hot cakes to every poor bastard you buys catharsis and who get life coaches. Hos blog could often be very upsetting to those who take too much shit personal. Even I got a little butt hurt on occasion and I know the guy.

Anyway, Dave has often been the inspiration for a number of poems, essays and other projects, and I am about to steal from him yet again. I plan to make a post on this here blog every day for the whole of next year. As the four of you who actually read this crap, you know I am really bad at sticking to plans. But I need this badly. Academia and my desperate drive to try to escape my loneliness leaves me not wanting to, or capable of reading or writing most days. That needs to change if I am ever to make it to an MFA program, or any job as a writer. I have some other plans for this coming year too.

So see you in the blog.

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