For Garrett Johnston — October 12, 1990 – April 17, 2016 (RIP)

I wish I could tell the things I am writing right now, but I can’t so I will tell the world so that this Earth does not forget you. You were one of the good ones. I remember seeing you when you first started coming around. I normally have a deep distrust of people when I first meet them, but I never felt that with you. Something about your eyes gave me to know that you were truly authentic. After your last slip, I remember getting really excited when I saw you. You were one of the ones I wanted to see get a bunch of years. You used to crack me up when we would be at Coffee Time and you would make a breath stopping joke under your breath in your bashful way that just used to make me giggle. I remember one time you were astounded t find that I love James Taylor. Well brother, here is the first song I listened to today when I found out I would never see your smiling mug in the second to last row anymore.


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