You don’t get “Trigger Warnings” with art

The Revenant is the most visually and¬†aurally stimulating film since “Her.” Any review that leaves out the breathtaking shots and the brilliant sound stage, all for the sake of their own agenda, is incomplete. The painful and harsh tones of the film do not rob it of its brilliance. Period.

A Little Intro

I have been working at this blog thing for a while. Below you will see some entries, that have come form a previous blog. But this is also my website. I have finally decided to trade my pen name Johnny No Bueno for my birth name, Sean Aaron Bowers. As I am a student whose…

Bad(?) Idea for a Book

Lately I have been really toying with the idea of writing a book about my experience meditation, Buddhism, recovery, community service, and subculture. On one hand, it feels rather ego-centric of me to write about something being 6 years in, with such teachers as Noah Levine, Kevin Griffin, and Darren Littlejohn having already delved rather…

For All You Night Owls

If anyone were to look at my life, they would see a man at odds with the world but seemingly making it work. I wish that were true. I wish I were the Conan the Barbarian type that could swim against the current, forging new paths everywhere I go, but that is not the case….

American Liberalism Fails Again

As a cis-white-male, I have struggled my whole life to understand, to accept, to embrace, to come to terms with, to empathize (NOT SYMPATHIZE), and to aid the voice and the struggle of marginalized communities and peoples. When John Sinclair asked Black Panther co-founder Huey P Newton what white people could do to help aid…