VaguePress 2018: Addiction Replacement

I want to write about something I am doing, or quitting, for the new year, but this thing, even for me, is TMI. I can just say that there is an energy that we are born with that is stronger than absolutely everything else, and it can be monstrous if left unchecked. Trying to dispel that energy on my own volition seems tantamount to kicking the booze and drugs. I am absolutely obsessed with it, much like any addiction. Continue reading “VaguePress 2018: Addiction Replacement”

CAO Brazilia

I have been wanting to write about something other than myself for a while, but for some reason never felt I was enough of an authority on anything, especially cigars and gaming, which are the two things I obsess over. But than again, who needs some smarmy cigar expert? The world is filled with them. And nobody wants to hear the yammerings of a basement dwelling alt-right troll who knows more about some random video games than do the damn programmers. So here is my first shot at a cigar review. Continue reading “CAO Brazilia”

Johnny No Bueno’s BACK!!!

So the few who actually read this blog, that I never promote and rarely update, know that I, Sean Aaron Bowers, used to write and read under the pseudonym Johnny No Bueno. I picked that name as a play on the nickname of a cat I once knew that went by the name Johnny Bueno. He was cool slick cat. Wore only vintage greaser style clothes, carried steel hair combs, and was tattooed from head to toe. He was the kind of cat who would invite you out to drink with only $2 to his name and you both would walk out of the bar shitfaced and with more money than when you went in. He was a boxed-wine, cocaine, and Rolling Stones kind of cool. We were good buddies, but he used to pull some shady shit, so I always joked around and called him Johnny NO Bueno. So when it came time to publish my first suite of poems, I wanted a cool name to publish by and Johnny No Bueno it was.  Continue reading “Johnny No Bueno’s BACK!!!”

Leaving Facebook

Leaving Facebook has been on my mind for years. I have deactivated my account twice, and was brought back for one reason or another. The scariest thing I have learned through the few times I have left Facebook was the dependency on it. Not so much my own, but the majority of the western world. People rely so heavily on Facebook that they will forget about others entirely because there is no longer any need to be accountable or responsible to anyone. So just a few minutes ago, I found the ever hidden “Permanently Delete My Account” page and opted out of the most successful and widely used website in the world, besides probably Google and all of its properties (You’re next Goolag!).  Continue reading “Leaving Facebook”

Top 5 of Death: Christmas Songs

So for a while now I have been listening to a podcast called the Top 5 of Death. The premise is that they have a topic for whomever is present will give their “Top 5” list. Originally they would present their list, and in between episodes the fans would vote who to kill. At the beginning of the following episode the hosts would tell a story how the loser died. As of more recently, at the end of the episode the guys on the show vote someone to “die,” like voting someone off the island in Survivor.

Continue reading “Top 5 of Death: Christmas Songs”

It is always so damn late

I always want to write a blog post, but the only time I can ever gather the will to sit and type is way too late at night. I have been debating on whether I am going to to write about the “red pill” phenomenon which seems to have taken me and my more insightful friends like a storm. And then tonight I listened to a storytelling by my good man Bucky Sinister and I just want to shout his praises to the heavens. Continue reading “It is always so damn late”

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